The last several years have brought me to several cities, in several countries, in several regions within this same world...
My life started in Belgium, the last 20 years we lived in Abu Dhabi followed by Shanghai, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and now Tokyo.

Without exception all these different experiences influenced me personal and my work. All together they did change my view on the world and my perception of things and stuff.

I first explored ceramics as a medium more than fifteen years ago and I have since developed a simple yet refined process of constructing items by hand form. 

The design process comes from an intuitive place of inner knowing, yet also letting the clay and glazes speak to me, the result is credited to the natural properties I work with and the end firing process. During the firing process clay takes on new forms which can not be completely controlled by the designer. It is these natural and highly fluid transition which intrigue me rather then seeking to ever achieve ‘perfection’ in design.

All my pieces are unique and there as no two alike, each object has its distinct characteristics.

All my creations are 100% handmade by my 2 hands & heavily inspired by a hint of imperfection. I prefer slow-making and only use natural materials. The final shape and organic look of my pieces will only reveals itself after 2 firings. All my pieces are unique and there are no two alike, each object has its distinct characteristics. My objects kind of reflect memories of its creations process, each handling, each touch, each manipulations is still present in the end result.

In recent years wabi-sabi has become a major inspiration for interior designers. The idea balances between the perimeters of minimalism but it is not about cold sterility. It is about making use of what you have and making a house a place to be lived in and invest in goods that will last and grow with you over time.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please don't hesitate to contact me,